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Workshop & Office

Layout and decoration of a workshop office.

I think thats maximum optimisation for this room in an apartment located in London. Customer demand: an office space for two, a workshop / painting space for Madame and of course a maximum of space for storage. Big challenge to fit all these functions into such a small space of around 15 m2.

The office spaces are located at the back of the room. Custom-made closed and open storage with built-in lighting goes up to the ceiling. A large angled top offers a nice working space for the computer, papers ... . The corner was utilised in closed storage at various heights. Opposite, echoing this more subdued space, the client's studio, which is brighter (white). A maximum of closed storage to be able to store all its accessories and tools. The link between the two: a touch of light wood that warms the entire room. A great project that meets everyone's needs.


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